The Answer AccelerateR race cranks feature CNC machined aluminum crank arms with steel pedal inserts, laser-etched logos and a 4 bolt 104mm spider gear that’s bolted to the drive side arm and then pressed onto a 24mm heat-treated chromoly spindle for maximum strength and rigidity. Includes a 24mm external Euro BB with oversized sealed bearings for long lasting performance.

Pinch Bolts: 6x1mm (x2)
Spindle: 24mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 18x1mm (x1)
Spindle Splines: 10
Chainring Bolts: Not Included

165mm Black: 1Lb 8 oz
165mm White: 1Lb 8.2 oz
170mm Black: 1Lb 8.2 oz
170mm White: 1Lb 8.4 oz
172.5mm Black: 1Lb 8.4 oz
172.5mm White: 1Lb 8.6 oz
175mm Black: 1Lb 8.6 oz
175mm White: 1Lb 8.8 oz
177.5mm Black: 1Lb 8.8 oz
177.5mm White: 1Lb 9 oz
180mm Black: 1Lb 9 oz
180mm White: 1Lb 9.2 oz
182.5mm Black: 1Lb 10 oz
182.5mm White: 1Lb 10.2 oz
185mm Black: 1Lb 10.2 oz
185mm White: 1Lb 10.4 oz

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The Answer Mini Race crank arms are precision CNC machined from 7075 aluminum with deep grooves on the back of each arm to help shed weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness. Includes a removable machined 5-bolt spider gear. Works with square tapered spindles only. Rider weight limit is 100lbs on ALL crank arm lengths

100mm Black: 8.6 oz
100mm White: 8.8 oz
105mm Black: 8.8 oz
105mm White: 8.8 oz
110mm Black: 8.8 oz
110mm White: 9.0 oz
115mm Black: 9.4 oz
115mm White: 9.6 oz
120mm Black: 9.7 oz
120mm White: 9.7 oz
125mm Black: 10.0 oz
125mm White: 10.2 oz
130mm Black: 10.8 oz
130mm White: 10.8 oz
135mm Black: 11.0 oz
135mm White: 11.0 oz
140mm Black: 11.2 oz
140mm White: 11.4 oz
145mm Black: 11.6 oz
145mm White: 11.8 oz
150mm Black: 11.9 oz
150mm White: 12.0 oz
155mm Black: 12.1 oz
155mm White: 12.2 oz
160mm Black: 12.3 oz
160mm White: 12.4 oz
165mm Black: 12.6 oz
165mm White: 12.8 oz

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Answer Mini Cassette Cogs are CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. Extra machined holes help eliminate unnecessary weight. Fits Answer cassette hubs only.

12T: 0.3 oz
13T: 0.4 oz
14T: 0.5 oz
15T: 0.6 oz
16T: 0.6 oz
17T: 0.6 oz
18T: 0.8 oz

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Mini driver has 2 rows of pawls

Expert/Pro driver has 3 rows of pawls

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The ANSWER BMX alloy chain ring bolts include a set of five 7075-T6 aluminum chain ring bolts that are 8mm long to accommodate today’s thicker style of chain rings. Available in black, red, blue, and silver.

The ANSWER BMX chrome moly chain ring bolts include a set of five 8mm chain ring bolts to accommodate today’s thicker style of chain rings. Available in gun metal gray only.

Alloy: 0.4 oz
Chromo: 1.0 oz

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ANSWER Holeshot are Shimano compatible spline pattern, stainless steel cassette cogs are CNC machined and have multiple holes cut out to help shed weight. Available in 14T thru 18T. Cogs will fit Mini, Expert, and Pro Holeshot hubs.

14T: 0.8 oz
15T: 1.0 oz
16T: 1.2 oz
17T: 1.4 oz
18T: 1.8 oz

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For the weight conscious racer, the mini Ti crank bolts offer a significant weight savings over standard steer bolts. Fits with the ANSWER Slider BB with titanium spindles.

Weight: 0.6 oz

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The Answer Mini Sprocket is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum featuring a unique 4 bolt mounting system that works exclusively on Answer Mini crank arms, eliminating the joint between the spider and chainring to produce an incredibly strong and lightweight drive train combination.

Teeth: 3/32″
Thickness: 5mm

34T: 3.2 oz
35T: 3.4 oz
36T: 3.5 oz
37T: 3.6 oz
38T: 3.9 oz
39T: 4.0 oz
40T: 4.2 oz
41T: 4.3 oz
42T: 4.4 oz
43T: 4.5 oz

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